Wood Wool

Natural filler and stuffing material

  • 100% natural product
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Versatile material

Wood wool – safe and ecological

Wood wool is a completely natural, versatile material. It is free from any harmful additives, safe and non-toxic. In addition, wood wool has anti-allergic qualities.

As a result, it has been used as a toy stuffing material oraz filling for relaxation rollers, as well as animal bedding, during mulching in the garden or when packing food products in order to protect them. This product is environmentally neutral, safe for people, animals and plants.

So many uses!

Due to its charasteristics, wood wool is a versatile material – it is used in industry, construction, agriculture, floristry, gardening and many other fields. Application example:

  • for packing gifts, ceramics, cosmetics, candles
  • for craft projects
  • as a filler for gift baskets, Easter baskets, wine boxes
  • for packing vegetables, fruits and eggs
  • for mulching
  • to fill toys
  • as bedding for animals
  • for sealing houses
  • for the production of suprema (chip-cement boards)
  • for the production of insulation materials (an alternative to polystyrene and mineral wool)

Decorative and protective function

Wood wool is perfect for packing fragile products. This product not only have esthetical qualities but also a protective function. Thanks to this, it is very often used as a filler for packaging and decoration when preparing popular gift baskets or alcohol crates.

It is also a good filling material when storing and transporting food products such as vegetables, fruits, eggs.

Due to the availability of wood wool in various sizes, it is an ecological alternative to other filling materials that protect products during transport.

Wood wool – as a filler and decoration

  • Filling material for gift baskets
  • Protection for fragile products
  • Decoration

Wood wool tailored to your requirements

“Natural product”, “ecological solution” are not just empty slogans. Products made of natural raw materials are environmentally friendly, and often more efficient and effective than their “traditional” counterparts. Trust in nature and get to know our products!

We produce wood wool of various widths, from larch, pine or spruce wood. We can prepare our product according to the customer’s requirements, depending on its intended use.

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