Swedish torch


  • Od 1 do 4 hours
    Burning time
  • Easy to
    use and transport
  • Without
    added chemicals
  • Includes a 100%
    organic fire starter

How does it work?

A Swedish torch, also known as a Swedish fire torch, is an “instant fire” made from one big tree trunk. A dried tree trunk is appropriately cut. The resulting crevices allow for air circulation. As a result, the torch burns from the inside.

In the middle, there is an opening with some natural firelighter. Swedish torches have an attached string which makes them easier to transport and carry.

When the torch burns out, it doesn’t mean the campfire has to end. If you want to extend the burning time of the fire, you just need to surround the torch which has burned out on the inside with additional layers of wood.

A solution you will love!

The Swedish torch is a quick and easy solution. This ready-to-use product saves you time and energy.

A Swedish torch is a completely natural product.

The firelighter placed inside is 100% ecological and it doesn’t contain oil-derived substances.

Universal usage!

A relaxing holiday by the water or a spontaneous getaway with friends… camping, fishing, off-road or a winter sleigh ride – a Swedish torch is a perfect solution for these activities.

As it’s easy to transport, quick and simple to use, you can quickly start a fire to warm yourself up or to prepare a meal.

A practical and convenient solution.

You can use a burning torch like a regular fire to roast food, install a grill grate over it, or simply place an appropriate pot on it and use it to heat whatever you want.

While burning, it creates a unique atmosphere.

Besides being a heat source, Swedish torches are light sources. After a meal, you can rest by the light – something a traditional camp stove can’t provide.

Besides practical advantages, it has some visual advantages. A burning Swedish torch creates a unique atmosphere, which makes it a perfect decoration for outdoor events or garden parties.

Available in several sizes.

Our Swedish torches are available in three different sizes. The bigger the torch, the longer the burning time. However, the smaller ones are lighter and more compact, which makes them easier to transport. This way, everyone finds something that suits their needs perfectly.

3 different sizes

Burning time

  • Size M: 1-2 hours
  • Size L: 2-3 hours
  • Size XL: 3-4 hours

Directions for use are very easy!

Just light the sticking-out wick, and… that’s all that needs to be done!
Now, you can enjoy the glow and warmth of a fire.

Step 1

Unpack the product.

Step 2

Place the torch on a stable surface in a place suitable for burning wood.

Step 3

Light the protruding wick and watch the fire as it starts.

Step 4

Enjoy the warmth and light emanating from the lit torch. The fire and emers remain inside the trunk.

Take it wherever you want

Our product makes starting a fire much easier. A Swedish torch is a pine or larch trunk with cuts and a fire starter inside. The cuts allow air to circulate so that the torch burns from the inside.

With the right accessories, you can use it as a field cooker or simply for heating, decoration or as a light source. The burning fire gives a very pleasant atmosphere and makes a great decorative feature in the garden.



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